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Indigenous Knowledge Leadership Program

RETURN TO ORIGIN offers an opportunity for all people, especially (underserved) South African communities to find value in and protect and care for their land and heritage -the most powerful form of environmental education. This assists in the preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and leaves a legacy that will reverberate for many generations to come.

RETURN TO ORIGIN –  is unique in that it not only draws from the indigenous people of South Africa and worldwide, but also world authorities in origins, archeology, anthropology and marine biology to  build a unique picture that honors our earth and has never been taught anywhere in the world. We are also supported by peace makers and community leaders

RETURN TO ORIGIN has powerful solutions that we are confident will embody long lasting change and transformation. It has been proven that when human beings connect with nature, other forms of life and ancient knowledge on a deep level, it is the most powerful form of environmental education.

RETURN TO ORIGIN provides practical and creative lived experiences that assists us in finding our place of belonging in the greater whole.

Our classroom includes the rich heritage of the Western Cape, South Africa, the most likely environment on earth that gave birth to the very first art, technology and innovation that makes us uniquely human. We have constructed a training, that is more connected to our environment and ultimately sustainable over the long-term.

To give birth to the ancient in a new time is creation” – Jung
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