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Our teachers and advisors are Indigenous peoples, nature guides, wisdom keepers, interspecies communicators, origin specialists, Indigenous Knowledge food activists, community leaders, artists, master trackers, anthropologists, archealogists, and peacemakers.

Our classroom is the Natural World
Mbali Marais
Founder of Return to Origin
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Arnoldt Michaels
Communications Director
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Dr Dominique Santos
Community Outreach Director
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Graduates OF our Indigenous Knowledge Leadership Programme

Arnoldt Profile Image
Arnoldt Michaels
Storyteller / Visionary
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Angelique Olivia Michaels
Project Facilitator / Trailblazer
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Vuyisani Nobi Profile Picture
Vuyisani Nobi
Youth Ambassador
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Siphenkosi Zintoyinto
Guardian For Nature -13 Years Old
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Advisors/ Artists

Craig Foster
Naturalist and Origins Specialist
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Zayaan Khan
Food Activist and Seed Librarian
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Leon Lewis
Specializes in the legacy of the South African Bushman
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Dr Janette Deacon
Archaeoligist specializing in in the cultural history of South Africa
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Anna Breytenbach
Animal Communicator
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Khoi Khonnexion
Musicians, Teachers, and Visual Artists
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Isaac and Oom Gert Kruiper
Khomani San Bushmen. Doctors, healers Storytellers and Trackers.
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Toni Giselle Stuart
Poet, Performer & Spoken Word Educator
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Kassie Naidoo
Creative Designer
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