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Community Ventures

Grow With Me / Khula'Nam:

Return to Origin in collaboration with Ndlambe Municipality and the Ekuphemleni Community brought home the Sustainable Together exhibition. The exhibition, born out of the beautiful intergenerational work of the community, finally came to its permanent home to stay in the new community Eco Sun Hall, in Kenton-on-Sea.


Coming Home Project:

“I am excited, because I am involved in this project where we’re teaching the kids about their roots and where they come from. It just brings me so much joy to be able to facilitate this. I am celebrating today, and I am so thankful to see the children connect to their roots, their history and heritage.”

- Mama Gloria, Community Elder, Ekuphumleni


Sustainable Together Project:

When we are community-centred, we can co-create together. When we all share our gifts, our community thrives, not just survives.


Guardians for Nature:

“In honouring and understanding the future of the natural world and that of our youth is inextricably connected, we can work towards recognising ourselves as custodians and guardians of nature.”
- Angelique Michaels, Graduated Leader,
Return to Origin

Community Ventures - Guardians for Nature
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