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Mbali Marais
Published on

The Art of Bow Making Workshop with Khoi Khonnexion. Angelique Michaels, Trainee Leaders in the Indigenous Knowledge Leadership Program.

"With quiet bearing, they ignited in me a renewed sense of appreciation for the marvels of music and the intimately healing chords struck in their heart of the one through whom it finds expression. Giving utterance to the significance of the way that sound, in its relationship to and movement through the body of the musician is experienced differently to each, felt like a reflection and an echo of our teachings this month. In somatic response to a reaffirmation of the importance of story, and the personalised healing that accompanies the telling of it, I felt this quiet warmth radiating from the pit of my stomach that I am beginning to associate with moments of clarity.

And is this not what community is? This mystical reciprocal ebb and flow of teachings, of knowledge and experience, this exchange of wisdom, memories, dreams, stories… In being told, are they not granted substance and made meaningful to tellers and listeners alike?

In a room resonating with the earthy vibrational chords issuing from the bows of unassuming magicians, hearts were opened, in a space centred by ritual and purpose, to the dream of healing and awakening at the heart of Return to Origin.”

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