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Trees For Tomorrow

Trees for Tomorrow is a significant symbol of our origins that represents our work, with youth and nature, leaving a legacy, planting seeds and preservation of our heritage. Last year we planted close to 100 trees in underserved communities in Cape Town.

We were assisted by children and youth from the communities who all pitched in to plant. It is a powerful vision to witness a child gently planting the roots of a tree in an urban desert, beset by violence on a daily basis. The action of a 7 year old pouring water onto the tree while the community make prayers for peace for the future is the legacy of the vision for Return To Origin’s Guardians For Nature.

We planted in honor of Arbor Month and Heritage month again in 2019 and we will be planting this September in collaboration with African Constellations.  Watch this space. Thanks to Kirstenbosch Nursery.

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Baphumelele Fountain of Hope

The trees we planted here at Fountain of Hope are part of a holistic approach to healing our youth and the trauma that some of them have gone through. It’s also something that gives them a sense of responsibility, caring and taking care of this plant that started so fragile, and nurturing it to be […]

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Intlanganiso Secondary School on Heritage Day

Trees for Tomorrow @ Intlanganiso Secondary School on Heritage Day On a day devoted to honouring and celebrating shared legacies of cultural, material and symbolic attributes inherited from past generations, and as part of Return to Origin’s Trees For Tomorrow Campaign, we facilitated a day of tree planting at Intlanganiso Secondary School in Khayelitsha. Thanks […]

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Baphumele Fountain of Hope

The ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ campaign forms part of a series of projects inspired by Return to Origin’s awareness of the great value and power in reconnecting Youth with Nature. In sowing seeds of promise and purpose today, we aspire towards leaving a legacy of healing and abundance for the generations who are to inherit the world tomorrow. Thanks […]

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Trees for Tomorrow, Mandela Day, Leave a Legacy, Vryground

"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver." Martin Luther King Trees for Tomorrow is Return to Origins signature campaign. A significant symbol of our origins that represents our work. Youth and nature connection,  homecoming, healing, […]

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