Inspiring people to re-imagine their relationship to their world

Angelique Olivia Michaels
Youth-Nature Facilitator / Anthropologist

Angelique is a graduated leader in Return to Origin’s Indigenous Knowledge Leadership Program and is presently completing her MA in Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch University.

Inspired by the power of place and the various ways that the natural and built environment shapes us, even as we shape it, her research takes a critical look at the narratives of inclusion and exclusion inscribed in urban design and the material and spatial practices it informs.

Her current study on homelessness explores the sociality of infrastructure and the politics of home and belonging in the post-apartheid present. Integrating principles of design anthropology with the elemental work and wisdom gleaned from RTO’s Leadership Program and her involvement in projects facilitating earthwork and youth-nature connection, she envisions co-creating and re-imagining spaces with people in communities in and around Cape Town.

“When I greet the land and offer prayers of gratitude to the earth; honouring the generations of ancestors and the culmination of encounters and moments that preceded me being here, and contributed to who I am becoming, I know that I am held, and whole. I know that I am home.”

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