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Trees For Tomorrow, Heritage Day, Leave a Legacy, Khayelitsha

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago the second best time is now”. African Proverb

Trees for Tomorrow is excited to present their campaign, for seeding and planting trees, by the next generation- for the next generation. On Heritage Day,  September 24, 2018,  Return To Origin Leaders will be planting along with the Fountain of Hope, orphaned youth at Baphumele, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.


The ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ campaign forms part of a series of projects inspired by Return to Origin’s awareness of the great value and power in reconnecting Youth with Nature.
In sowing seeds of promise and purpose today, we aspire towards leaving behind a legacy of healing and abundance for the generations who are to inherit the world tomorrow.

Thanks to donations from our communities and gifts of indigenous trees from the Kirstenbosch Nursery in Cape Town, ‘Return to Origin’ will be facilitating another day of tree planting on Heritage Day- September 24, 2018. Seeds will be sown, and trees will be planted by the youth of the communities at the heart of this project. 20 trees at R 200 each will be donated to the ‘Baphumelele Fountain of Hope Project’. Funds raised will go towards the project’s endeavour to create a safe and nurturing environment for orphaned youth and will allow Return to Origin to continue our work of re-connecting youth with nature.   Join us in growing a legacy worth leaving.  DONATE HERE :  THANK YOU
There is healing in the act of coming together in community, and hope in sowing seeds. For in so doing, a powerful vision is cast upon the earth that speaks boldly of the heritage and preservation of the natural world.
In the initiatives with youth in underserved communities facilitated by ‘Return to Origin’, a connection to and protection of land and heritage is fostered in a move towards understanding the importance of conservation and sustainability. Participating in nature-youth programs has shown to encourage personal efficacy, interpersonal skills, environmental engagement and a renewed understanding of self in relation to the world.
We are always planting; pouring the past and present into the earth… And what we sow cannot but take root and grow…So, let us be mindful of what we wish to leave behind and let us be conscious of the sacred act of planting.


For more information on the initiatives and projects facilitated by ‘Return to Origin’ or on how to get involved:  Angelique Michaels, Trainee Leader in the Indigenous Knowledge Leadership Program

“The soul has come to life not simply to consume, but to give its inner gifts. Each soul secretly desires to be part of something greater, something larger than life.”
-Michael Meade

Mbali Marais


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